Management services

Whether you intend to share your home in the Algarve with paying Guests or just keep it for yourself and the family, out of sight is not out of mind when it comes to what is probably your second biggest asset. Why not let us help ease the burden and leave you to enjoy the benefit of your investment safe in the knowledge that someone is looking after your interests whilst you are away.

Having taken the major decision to invest in your dream holiday home you need to know that it’s in safe hands whilst you are absent. At Norton Property Management Services we specialise in giving peace of mind to remote owners.

Services we offer and recommend include:
· Routine inspection visits & feedback
· Preparation for your visits
· Payment of bills
· Maintenance & repairs
· Tradesman supervision
· Delivery acceptance

In addition if you are in the early stages of taking ownership of your property we are pleased to assist with the following:
· Appropriate fitting out
· Where to buy
· Budgeting for running costs
· UK/Irish/European Satellite installation

If you intend to rent out your property there are many elements to ensuring the smooth running of a rentals programme with which we can assist, not the least of which is obtaining the mandatory license from the authorities. Please download our info pack on licensing from the home page if you want to explore this matter.

Services we offer and recommend include:
· Property preparation
· Meeting and greeting of your clients
· Welcome packs
· Key management
· Local contact point and advice
· Maid services
· Laundry services
· Departure inspection and feedback

We are a company dedicated to the smooth and efficient management of properties. Our philosophy is to offer a "Quality Service" with a professional but friendly approach.

We have the local knowledge and experience to take care of everything and will deliver the best quality service and take the hassle out of owning a property in Portugal.

All aspects of private property management are available. Allow our team to take care of your apartment, townhouse, or villa whilst you are away. You can be assured that our reliable staff will take great care and pride in their work. We will help and advise you on how to prepare your property for the rental market and help you to achieve an income from your property.

Our Services:
Key holder responsibility
We will take on the responsibility of acting as key-holder for your property.

Payment of bills
Payment of monthly bills e.g. electricity, telephone, water, gas, taxes etc. Providing an adequate credit balance is provided. We will also liaise with your property insurance company in Portugal.

Payment of any additional bills will be carried out when agreed with yourselves and regular statements will be provided in order to keep you fully informed.

Information Folder
We will provide an information folder to stay within your property and will also include important telephone numbers.

Meet and Greet Clients
We can meet your clients as they arrive at your property, show them where things are and how things work and hand them the keys. We can arrange taxi transfers, car hire, golf bookings, excursions, food welcome packs etc. These can be booked before arrival or assistance will be given during their stay. A mobile number is provided for contact whilst guests are at your property.

An inspection of your property will be made shortly after your client´s departure and feedback provided on any problems which may have occurred.

Maid Service
We also offer apartment and villa cleaning. Quality equipment and cleaning are used and our team of trustworthy staff will keep your property clean and make sure that it is prepared for your arrival and that of your guests.

This service includes linen and towels. Laundry of clothing is charged on request.

Property visits
Regular visits are carried out throughout the year to ensure that the property is safe and all contents are in good working condition.

Supervision of works
Supervision of cleaning, gardening and pool services as well as works carried out in the property.

Repairs and Maintenance
Continued attention to the upkeep of your property helps to protect your investment and keep it in good condition.

Basic maintenance repairs and emergency repairs will be carried out without prior notice in order to keep the good standard of the property.

Property reports
Whenever appropriate we will report to you any problems that may occur with the property and will recommend for repair/maintenance or redecoration anything that needs to be attended to.

Additional Management Services
Additional services over and above those listed will be charged at an agreed rate after consultation with yourselves.